Tamworth Heritsge Trust


The Heritage Trust was formed in 2000 at a public meeting held at the historic Moat House. Members of The Peel Society, The Friends of Tamworth Castle and Museum and The Tamworth Civic Society formed the backbone of this group. The Trust became the umbrella group Aethelflaed was adopted as its logo using a picture of the statue found in the castle grounds. The Trust’s aims were to safeguard, protect and promote the history of Tamworth with the ultimate goal of creating a Tamworth Museum.

Sadly a couple of years later the Civic Society folded, then the Peel Society moved out of Tamworth.

Today, after a major re-think and rebranding the trust is active in many areas regarding the preservation and promotion of the rich heritage Tamworth has to offer. As well are providing residents with an opportunity to increase their understanding of the importance of Tamworth and its significance in English history, the trust champions people and buildings of local and national importance. From the town hall built by Thomas Guy in the early 18th Century to our links with the Reliant Motor Company, the Tamworth Heritage Trust is committed to ensuring our heritage is preserved for future generations.

We hope you enjoy the history our town has to offer.

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